About VHCF8

Aim & Scope

The Eighth International Conference on Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF8) will be held online & on-demand from July 5 – 9, 2021.

After the 1980s' epoch-making findings of internal fatigue fractures in high strength steel under numerous loading cycles, very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) has been recognized as an emerging and unprecedented issue in the field of materials strength. These days, requirements for mechanical components and structures have been become increasingly demanding, as represented by new standards for automobile engines, marine engines, turbine structures, high speed railway components, etc., and a reliability against cyclic loading greater than 107 is regarded as one of the most important issues for strength design. Thus, an improved understanding of the VHCF behaviors, not only for metallic materials, but also for polymers and composites, is essential for developing reliable fatigue life prediction methods. VHCF8 will focus on this topic based on the successful series of previous conferences: VHCF1 1998, in Paris; VHCF2 2001, in Vienna; VHCF3 2004, in Kusatsu; VHCF4 2007, in Ann Arbor; VHCF5 2011, in Berlin; VHCF6 2014, in Chengdu; and VHCF7 2017, in Dresden.

VHCF8 will provide a worldwide platform for scientific communication, discussion, and activities for all those interested in both the fundamental aspects and practical applications of this issue. The conference will comprise of lectures by outstanding international scientists and other oral presentations. Suggestions for special topics are welcome. Exhibitions for testing and analyses related to VHCF studies will also be offered. The conference language is English, and a special issue of VHCF8 will be published in Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures (FFEMS) after the conference concludes.