Scientific Topic

The scientific topics will focus on

  • all metallic materials (ferrous materials, non-ferrous materials as Al, Mg, Ti, Ni etc.)
  • composites
  • advanced materials and MEMS

at material related number of cycles 106 to 1010 or higher.

A: Fundamentals, physics and mechanisms

A1    Mechanisms of crack initiation

A2    Nonpropagating cracks, growth of short and long cracks

B: Effecting parameters

B1    Influence of microstructure and defects

B2    Influence of environment and temperature

B3    Notch and gradient effects

B4    Effect of mean and residual stresses

B5    Effect of variable amplitude loading

B6    Effect of surface treatment

C: Experimental methods

C1    Fatigue testing machines

C2    Instrumentation and experimental methods

C3    Prognosis and health monitoring

D: Applications to components and structures

D1    Statistical and probabilistic modelling, development of life estimation models

D2    Assessment and modelling of fatigue damage and damage accumulation

D3    Actual structures and their components

D4    Case studies in industrial applications

E: Material databases and its application

E1    Material databases and application systems

E2    Analysis of material databases