Presentation Videos

VHCF8 will be held online. VHCF8 presentations are classified into three categories: plenary, keynote, and regular sessions. The plenary and keynote sessions will be live streamed, and the regular session will be offered on-demand.

(1) Plenary session: Live (50-minute talk + 10-minute discussion)

(2) Keynote session: Live (30-minute talk + 10-minute discussion)

(3) Regular session: On-demand video (20-minute talk)

Speakers at the regular sessions need to prepare a 20-minute video file in advance. Guidelines for preparing video files for the regular sessions are provided below.

Speakers who need to prepare for plenary and keynote sessions will be informed individually by the organizing committee.

Preparation of presentation video files

The following explanation is for speakers at the regular sessions (3). All presentations by speakers applying for the Young Researcher Award are also categorized as a (3) Regular session.

(1) Format, size, and recording time of your video file

  • File format: MP4
  • File size: 500 MB maximum
  • Maximum recording time: 20 minutes

  • (2) How to create your video file

    You may use the audio recording function of Microsoft PowerPoint, Zoom or other web-meeting tools.

    This is an example of a guideline for creating a video file with Microsoft PowerPoint. Please refer to it and make your video file appropriately.


    (3) How to submit your video file

    After the conference program has beenis fixed, registered persons can access the video submission site. The detailed procedure will be announced by email in early June. Please be aware that the deadline for submitting video files is June 21 June 28.

    — Regarding the uploading the presentation video file (June 25, 2021) —

    The uploading site is now available.
    Please go to Uploading Site below, and upload your presentation video file.

    Uploading site

    The passcode to login to the site has already been emailed to the corresponding author.